Monday, March 14, 2011

Shivgange Photoblog

Shivgange looks surmountable from a distance of  a kilometre but for us it was like conquering an everest.
Basically being other side of 50......trekking 4500 feet above sea level is humongous task.

Shalini accompanied us with scale the peak.

Oh my goodness the holy water is almost reachable but only a few get to reach it, it is believed all
your sins gets washed away, if one is able to touch the water and sprinkle it on their head. Last time
I was unable to fetch the water, i dipped my handkerchief and got some pints and was happy.

The climb to the peak can take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours depending on the fitness level of an individual.
Dont make the mistake of walking barefoot a good cushioned sports shoe or buckled chappals is a must.

Steps are slippery during rainy season but railings are provided fortunately

She is grinning looking at Mam struggling to climb i suppose

The name Shiva and Parvathi is associated with this historical centre.

Many people advice you not to carry anything edible and with plastics because of the monkey menace.  Like a dog, monkey too has to be handled feed it with bananas, biscuits or whatever edible, make sure you have
a stick, they will not snatch or trouble you.  We feed the monkey on the way up with buns and orange juice while coming down with some bananas.  

Carry sufficient water, salt, juice and glucose to quench thirst and avoid cramps.

Enjoy the scenary while trudging up, take sufficient breaks.

There are plenty of petty shops selling mineral water and mango juice enroute, KAMAT upachar is the best place to have breakfast or parcel lunch.  

When you reach the top of  Shivgange, a whiff of cold breeze greets you in the evening or early morning, one feels elated that one has conquered a big mountain.  The picturesque atmosphere which is filled with history unfolds before you @ Shantala drop.

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