Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bijapur KSTDC trip Photoblog

Bijapur has a special significance in my life because I started schooling @ Sainik school in Bijapur. Generally defense personnel get their children admitted to be groomed for NDA officers grade. Well my only memory of Sainik school is the dusty ground and khaki dress because it was way back in 1966. During our KSTDC trip, our guide Maski said even his son junior Maski studied in the same school, what a coincidence. I did manage to search the internet and registered myself as alumni of the school in old boys association. I was probably lucky to be admitted to this school because my father was working with INDIANOIL, the no 1 company in India in terms of turnover.

Gol Gombuz has the second largest dome after St Peter’s Basilica, in ROME. There are controversial interpretation of the tomb structure. It was initially built for palace and later a dancing hall, which explains the purpose of whispering gallery.

This edifice happens to be inspiration for the TAJ which was built in 1626, whereas ROZA was built in 1610. The blend of Burma teak with Iron is remarkable on the entry door which looks single door but it has two partition. The premise has a wonderful garden.

Bijapur needs a full day for exploration in leisure, there are many monuments which are left out of the package tour by KSTDC or any other tour operators for that matter since paucity of time is quoted.  Bara Kaman, secretariat monuments are other important landmarks in Bijapur.  Guys this is only a trailer enjoy your trip.  Summer can be scorching unfortunately be prepared. Goodluck guys

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